Episode 11

Textile revolution, with Manuel Schweizer

This month we have the pleasure to introduce you to Manuel Schweizer, the CEO and founder of OceanSafe.

Manuel Schweizer has been working for the textile industry more than 25 years. In 2010 he realized that something was really wrong with the textile industry. Since many years he was working looking for solutions in order to make textiles circular, toxin free and safe for the biological cycle.

We hope that our guest's energy and motivation can motivate you to be part of the change our economy needs.

[00:38] Presentation

[01:11] How OceanSafe started with Cradle to Cradle?

[01:56] We must change eveything, not only a part of the product.

[02:44] Can we change the textile industry using natural fibers?

[03:22] Synthetic fibers are good if you make them good.

[04:50] What about the microplastics?

[05:12] What is offering OceanSafe to the textile industry?

[06:08] The future for the textile industry

[06:48] We do not have an excuse, we are ready, you can start making good products.

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