Episode 8

The challenges of mobility; a resource challenge. With Adrian Burri

Today we are pleased to introduce you to the professor and mechanical engineer Adrian Burri, he works at the University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur, Switzerland. Finding solutions is in his DNA. He has already achieved great goals, and the last one is a new mobility solution. He has developed the startup called Roo. His solution can fill a gap in the needs of today's drivers.

He has always been fascinated by finding ways to change things that one might think are unchangeable. Our guest is sensitive to today's problems, he appreciates nature, animals and music, which are a huge source of inspiration for him. He wants to preserve them in return. After long and hard days of work he has created a solution for those who are dependent on the car and cannot adapt their working day to the public transport schedule.

In this episode he talks about efficiency, innovation, his desire to change things, his willingness, the importance of the materials choice and the cradle to cradle concept.

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