Episode 7

Rethink, change and last on the fashion industry. Bonita Grupp

Welcome to the second series of Heroes of tomorrow, the EPEA Switzerland’s podcast.

We bring you closer to the leaders of change. If you are a CEO, a decision-maker or even a student, this podcast is for you. If you want to lead the change in your company, don't hesitate to listen to our first series. All the guests have been part of a cradle to cradle project at some point on their careers. They all talk about their experiences, their values and how they see the future. If you are thinking about reducing the impact of your company or radically changing the way you produce, listening to their testimonies can help you in your reflections.

On this episode we are going to digitally travel to Germany to meet Bonita Grupp, the head of HR and e-commerce of Trigema. Trigema is the Germany’s largest manufacturer of sportswear and casual fashion.

The company consider doing business as a duty to increase the prosperity of the community.

Let’s listen to our guest Bonita Grupp.

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